Reunion for 1977 winterers (Harrogate)

by Ken Lax

A successful reunion for the 1977 wintering team was held in Harrogate in 2007.

We managed to watch the Cattlemen movie and another old documentary about the Isle of Man TT and also thrilled once more to some of the music that was popular on base at the time (e.g. Slim Dusty's Aussie sing along). I am not sure what the visitors thought of it all but the ladies were very stoical and humoured us by sitting through it. We contacted Phil Hart in Canada by telephone and everyone had a word with him.

Bunny Houlcroft and Iain Levack couldn't make the reunion but we did also speak with them by telephone.

None of us were able to throw any light on the location of Andy Quinn, Dave Hogg, Jim Oliver or Peter Edwards.

We are planning another reunion in October 2009. Venue no yet decided but probably York or Durham. We are hoping that Phil Hart and John Wright, who are both now resident in Canada, will be able to make it.

3 April 2008
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