Reunion for 1977 winterers (York)

by Ken Lax

The Halley Bay reunion for the 1977 team was held in York in October 2009.  We had a very good attendance.  Phil Hart and his wife came over from Canada and for many of us it was the first time that we had seen him since we left the base in 1978.  

We tried to re-create the dining arrangements at Halley Bay (not entirely successful) but when we all sat down it was as if we had never been parted.  Amazing really.  As BC I exercised my authority and made sure that Animal Corner was not allowed to congregate and I dispersed them amongst the Pseuds and visitors.

Key bits of news were:

  • Steve Emery (Nibbles) has left Honeywell and set up a business of his own.
  • Steve Chambers runs his own consultancy businesses in the UK and Canada. (Something to do with human waster treatment ? not so far from the bog chisel era)
  • Mike Pinnock (Tiger) is still working at BAS.
  • Pete Witty (Gladys) has officially retired but is busy doing up a place in Brittany.
  • Mike Houlcroft (Bunny) has recently married and is living in Preston.
  • Ian Rutherford (Geordie) has retired due to ill health (failing eyesight) but is happily living in Cumbria.
  • Barry Gardiner is a visiting professor and works in Scotland.  Something to do with wind and trees!
  • John Bradford (JB) works at Appleton Rutherford and visits the Falklands from time to time to service their beastie.
  • John Wright (Youth).  Retired from the British Army and joined the Canadian army.  Based in Ontario.
  • Harry Matthews (Big H) is also a professor and is now based in North Wales.

I think that I am correct in saying that from the base members of 1977 that we still have track of we have two professors, two polar medal holders, and 5 company directors.  Not bad for a single year at Halley Bay.

Present at the reunion were:

Ken Lax  -  BC.  Resident in Shrewsbury.
Iain Levack  -  Doctor and deputy BC.  Resident in Dundee.
Ian Somerton  -  Geophysics.  Resident in Harrogate.
George Morgan (and wife) -  Met.  Resident in Salisbury.
Phil Hart (and wife)  -  Met.  Resident in Ontario.
Steve Emery  -  Electrician.  Resident in Market Harborough.
Steve Chambers  -  Beastie man.  Resident in Northallerton and Canada.
Mike Pinnock (and wife)  -  Beastie man.  Resident in Cambridge.
Pete Witty  -  Diesel Mech.  Retired.  Resident in Swindon and France.
Michael Davies  -  Tractor Mech.  Resident in Cambridge.
Mike Houlcroft (and wife)  -  Tractor Mech.  Retired.  Resident in Preston.
Ian Rutherford  -  Builder.  Retired.  Resident in Cumbria.
Barry Gardiner (and wife)  -  Met.  Resident in Lanarkshire.
John Bradford  -  Geophysics.  Resident in Abingdon.
John Wright  -  GA.  Resident in Ontario.
Harry Matthews  -  Geophysics.  Resident in North Wales.

Total of 21.

Below are some photographs of the event and also we tried to re-create the base photograph.

We have arranged for another reunion for October 2011.

We still have no contact details for:

Tom Forsythe  -  WOM
Andy Quinn  -  Geo
Jim Oliver  -  Cook
Dave Hogg  -  Beastie
Peter Edwards  -  GA

So if any one has any information please pass it on to me (Ken Lax) for a follow up.

11 Dec 2009
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