Glossary (1984/85)

The following are additions to, and comments on the list of Halley Bay Fids' Slang (c. 1973-78) compiled by Ken Lax for the Z-50 Big Smoko. They have been provided by Mix Dixon. Additions are in bold. Non-bold entries indicate comments on Ken's list.

Caboose:Luxury holiday cottage by the sea!
Creek:Mobster, Windy, Maggie's Ditch, all creeks west of Gin Bottle, with variable access by ramp.
Dingle:Yes; meaning a perfect clear sunny day. "it's Dingle outside".
Film Goodies:Cake or dessert made specially by Sunday Cook, for the Movie Intermission. (Dai Thomas made Pickled Onion Ice Cream). 
Grip:Photo. "get the grips in". Gripped it, ticked it, got the Tshirt. . .
Hash McGandy:We surely know where this comes from, don't we??? *
Jolly:A leisure trip away.
Splode:Large dessert (blancmange) as per excellent chef Dale Hall. Topping usually browned with blowtorch, as its too large to fit in oven.
Spon: No; the word did not exist.
Starships:State-of-the-art organic toilets, 1982. Dry composting devices with fan heaters, stirring handle, etc. Shaped like the Starship Enterprise (sort of).
Thrutch:Difficult bit to overcome when travelling.  Lump, ridge, small crack, etc.

We are definitely not impressed with "Animal Corner" ? Whichever racist pseud coined that one, needs a long cold walk home from a broken Skidoo, and to beg a tractor-mech on their knees on the garage floor, for a lift back to fetch it !!!.
[11 June 2007]

* For the uninitiated, it's from Cattle Carters, one of the most popular, most watched and most quoted of the short films on base. "Hash Maghandi - put the lot in!", see reference here. - Ed.
Sadly you can now longer watch Cattle Carters on YouTube. It has been deleted. - Ed. 26 Jun 2013.

26 June 2013

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