Report of October 2022 Reunion of Halley Bay Wintering Team 1977

by Ken Lax

The Halley Bay 1977 Wintering team had another virtual reunion on 21 October 2022.

Present at the meeting were Tom Hardie-Forsyth (Fosdyke), Ian Somerton (Pedro), Michael Davies (Honk), Phil Hart (Mogden), George Morgan (Ratbag), Mike Pinnock (Tiger) and Harry Matthews (Big H). Apologies for absence received from Steve Emery (Nibbles), Pete Anderson-Witty (Admiral), John Wright (Youth), Phil Marsh. (Phil Marsh is an honorary Halley Bay member, having spent an unplanned winter at Belgrano with Youth and Dog Holden.)

Tiger participated via an intermittent mobile 'phone connection from a windy Lakeland Peak. Mogden participated from a café in Bromyard. George was in Hawick on holiday. The rest of us were in our normal abodes.

It was good to catch up on all the news.

Mogden, who normally resides in Ontario, has recently purchased a house in the UK and plans to spend more time in the UK.

Youth is en route to the Banana Belt for another cruise lecturing jolly. He plans to meet up with some of his Argentinian co-winterers at Belgrano in Buenos Aires on the way down south.

Harry is looking for a source of supply for a pair of Onitsuka boots. He will be doing some ice observations in Northern Japan this winter and needs to keep his feet warm - so if anyone knows of a source please let him know!

Iain Levack is no longer able to attend any reunions, but we keep in touch with him and Pamela via telephone.

After the exchange of news we raised our glasses for the last loyal toast to Her Majesty the Queen, followed by the first loyal toast to His Majesty the King.

We also toasted absent friends - Ian Rutherford (Geordie), John Bradford (JB) and Michael Houlcroft (Bunny) who are no longer with us.

Our next physical reunion is planned for 2023 and will be in Market Harborough and organized by Steve Emery. The exact date is not yet fixed, but it will be towards the end of the year.

We have still not been able to make contact with Jim Oliver (cook) and Dave Hogg (Beastie).

31 Oct 2022
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