Report of 30 Oct 2020 Reunion of Halley Bay Wintering Team 1977

by Ken Lax

We had an excellent virtual reunion. It was great to catch up and share what we had been up to since the last reunion. The meeting was attended by 14 people. Four are unaccounted for (Jim Oliver, Dave Hogg, Andy Quinn and Peter Edwards). The only person who could not make it was Pete Witty.

Present at the meeting were Iain Levack, Tom Hardie-Forsyth, Ian Somerton, George Morgan, Phil Hart, John Wright, Phil Marsh, Steve Chambers, Steve Emery, Mike Pinnock, Michael Davies, Barry Gardiner and Harry Matthews.

Barry lives in France, John Wright and Phil Hart live in Canada (about an hour apart) and the rest of us are scattered around the UK.

We shared a few photos and a lot of memories. We had the loyal toast, and then toasted absent friends. Three of the 1977 wintering team are no longer with us, John Bradford (JB), Ian Rutherford (Geordie) and Michael Houlcroft (Bunny).

A virtual reunion is planned for December 2020/January 2021 and a physical reunion in Salisbury in October 2021, organized by George Morgan.

31 Oct 2020
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