Report of May 2020 Reunion of Halley Bay Wintering Team 1977

by Ken Lax

We have just (4 May 2020) finished a virtual reunion using Zoom. There were 12 of us at the meeting and we had a grip show from John Wright (Canada) and Mike Pinnock (Cambridge). Johnís was a combination of Halley Bay, the Shackletons, and his recent adventures as a tour guide on the cruise ships in the Antarctic. Mikeís covered some of the later Halley Station with a few select ones from 1977. We were all impressed with Phil Hartís hair! Nothing like the smooth operator he is these days.

Attendees were: Iain Levack (Scotland), Tom Hardie-Forsyth (Yorkshire). Ian Somerton (Yorkshire), Phil Hart (Canada), Barry Green (France) , Phil Marsh (Shropshire), Steve Emery (Leicestershire), Michael Davies (Cambridge) and George Morgan (Wiltshire).

It was great to "meet up" again and we all enjoyed the get-together. Everyone was in good health and enjoying life.

5 May 2020
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