Reunion for 1977 winterers 2013

by Ken Lax

The bi-annual Halley Bay 1977 reunion took place in The Lion Hotel in Shrewsbury in October this year. The event was well attended, although we were sorry that Steve Chambers was not well enough to attend. John Wright (Youth) was over from Canada and we had a fleeting visit from Phil, who wintered with Youth at Belgrano. Poor Barry Gardiner had to cancel at the last moment due to a constant and pressing engagement with a loo in France. Harry Matthews was in Japan and we spoke with him by telephone.

In true FID fashion we had two grip shows. One by Youth of his time at Belgrano and one from Iain Levack (Leeches) of his recent stint as joint medical officer on Tristan da Cunha (Mrs (Dr) Levack was the other medical officer). We all envied Leechesí experience in Tristan and thanked our lucky stars that we didnít have to winter at Belgrano.

A copy of the base diary was available to read and it triggered off many memories.

Everyone agreed that it was an excellent reunion and the hotel looked after us very well with a private dining facility, excellent meal, and the bar was open until about 0300.

The photo below shows the attendees. From left to right they are:
Back Row - Mike Pinnock, John Wright, John Bradford, Pete Witty, Ken Lax, Ian Somerton.
Front row: Steve Emery, Michael Davies, Iain Levack, and George Morgan.

Mike Pinnock is still working at BAS. John Wright has retired from the Canadian Army and is now building sledges and generally firkling. John Bradford still plays with beasties and has the occasional jolly to Port Stanley. Pete Witty is retired and spends his time between his homes in England and France. Ken Lax is still working for a living. Ian Somerton continues to work in geophysics. Steve Emery has his own electrical contracting business. Michael Davies is still working for a living. Iain Levack has retired but is considering where to spread his medical wings next. George Morgan has finally retired from the Met. Office after almost 50 years continuous service.

There was unanimous approval of the venue and agreement to meet again in 2015.

We have still not been able to locate Jim Oliver (last heard of involved in film-set catering), Peter Edwards (believed to be in Switzerland), Dave Hogg, Andy Quinn and Tom Forsyth.

13 Dec 2013
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