The Halley Underground sign

John Flick

Halley Bay 2 Radio Operator, 1971-1972

Having spent the last couple of days wallowing down memory lane on the BAS/ZFid sites I came across the query from Phil Anderson re the Underground Sign, on the latest additions page.  I am really surprised Andy you don't know the story of this because it happened during your reign in 1972.  As I remember it happened like this -

        It was the 27 November 1972 at approx 22.31 I had just finished sending the evening met obs messages to Stanley and I was on my way to the kitchen to get some cocoa and have my usual early night, when I got waylaid by the crowd at the bar.  (note: The radio room and the Base Commanders office in Halley Bay 2 were situated next door to the bar, coincidence, I think not.).  A discussion was in progress about what to do for the forthcoming visit of the Bransfield.  The fact that one of the few remaining cases of beer on base had been opened, had nothing to do with my decision to remain and assist,  and so it was, after serious debate, decided that a underground sign was the most appropriate solution. Unfortunately, nobody could remember the exact colour scheme and this is where Tony (electrician) came in, he was either a Londoner or lived in London and hence he volunteered to make it.  It was eventually erected on the genny shaft.  The door underneath the sign I think said entrance, but it was however screwed shut - that being the joke for all the newbies. Well it was funny at the time.

         So in answer to the query Phil, to the best of my recollection, it was painted and erected by Tony Jackson in Dec 1972. Photograph evidence is attached, sorry about the quality someone from 72 must have a better one.

Underground sign
The Halley Bay Underground sign in 1972
Picture by John Flick

29 February 2004

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