Bog chisel

John Skipworth:
I can confirm that the 'Bog-Chisel' was  in use in 1966. On base we had four 45-gallon drums set into the floor, the front two doubling as urinals and where the slops were poured at the end of the day. The warmest of the two remaining seats allowed a stalac-shite to grow. The last person must have stood up, as the summit was above the level of the toilet seat; the person responsible stuck a flag on the top. This was ruined by the effective use of the 'Bog-Chisel' (I often wondered what other use it had....... probing for crevasses you say?) [20 Mar 2010]

[I assume these were drums with both top and bottom removed, unlike the fill-and-remove 'honeypots' in use later at Halley IV, which had only the top removed. -- Ed.]

See also comments by Ian Buckler, Peter Noble and Ron Gill.

28 March 2010
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