Pictures by John Smith - 1959

Ozone hut
The Ozone Hut housing the Dobson Spectrophotometer.
Picture by John Smith

Ozone hut and tractor
Preparing to raise the Ozone Hut to the new snow surface using one of the two Ferguson tractors.
Picture by John Smith

Ozone hut coming clear
The Ozone Hut on the move. Previously the Dobson Ozone Spectrophotometer had been used through a hatch in the roof of the main hut. This became increasingly difficult as the hut was buried. The hut on sledges came with the first FIDS team as a numbered DIY kit and proved to be very successful.
Picture by John Smith

This hut was, from 1971, used to house the VLF receiving equipment, after a new hut had been supplied for the ozone spectro-photometer. It was destroyed by fire in 1976. See pictures. -- Ed.

These pictures are replacements for the original ones mentioned in Zfids Newsletter No. 7, which had an unusual texture due to having been photographed from a projection screen.

15 April 2006
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