Pictures by Derek Ward - 1957

Magga Dan and Tottan
Magga Dan and Tottan at the ice edge; 4.1.57.Picture by Derek Ward
Taken during unloading soon after main party arrival.

Inflating balloon
Derek Ward inflating met balloon. Picture by Derek Ward
Hydrogen generator in small room to the rear left in balloon shed.

Balloon shed
Balloon shed; April 1957. Picture by Derek Ward
All guy ropes removed before main door snowed up. Telephone by side door on right-hand side of shed.

WF Radar
Wind-Finder Radar towed by tractor driven by Dave TribblePicture by Derek Ward
Radar had to be towed to a new site every month as radar itself could not be buried since it had to turn to operate.

Tottan approaching
Tottan approaching; 31st December 1957Picture by Derek Ward
Jim Burton, Gwynne Thomas, Bert Brooker awaiting arrival at changeover after first winter. 'Nutty' bets on exact arrival time.

Ice drilling
Ice drilling; December 1957.Picture by Derek Ward
Malcolm Edwards(?), Len Constantine. Three-weekly glaciology ice thickness measurement in Halley Bay.

Manhauling; November 1957.Picture by Derek Ward
Les Barclay, Philip Brennan. Short journey in local vicinity.

Otter; 5th October 1957. Picture by Derek Ward
Prior to return to Shackleton Base after rescuing grounded Auster carrying Shackleton Base doctor who came to treat Robin Smart (Halley Base leader).

Met. tower
Met. tower, rimed; 1957.Picture by Derek Ward
Infrequent phenomena when wind blows over the sea ice and open sea (shore lead) onto base. Temperature approx minus 30 degrees F.

Under-ice storage
Under-ice storage; 1957. Picture by Derek Ward
Pit props erected by Advance Party in the lee-drift of Main hut (Not needed, proved to be a hindrance).

Halley Arms
Social scene; 1957. Picture by Derek Ward
Les Barclay, Dave Cansfield, Jim Burton (standing), (?), Dave Harrison, Ken Amy, Joe McDowell (behind bar), Andrew Blackie, Dave Tribble, Henry Dyer, Bill Bellchambers. Enjoying ice lollies in the Halley Arms.

8 November 2003
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