Johnny Raymond

Below is an extract from the obituary of Johnny Raymond, in charge of constructing the IGY hut. He died on 15 April 1977.

Apart from one hut (Anvers Island) which was accidentally burned down in 1971, only one of his buildings is now unusable. This was the original Halley Bay base which he and his brother-in-law, Douglas Prior, built on the Brunt Ice Shelf for the Royal Society expedition in 1956. It was a magnificent hut measuring 135ft by 27ft in which he created a Tudor-style sitting room with imitation beams, imitation brick fireplace, settles and lanterns, all made on base. Visiting foreign parties could scarcely believe that it had been built in a few months by only two carpenters and eight general assistants and scientists. Unfortunately it was slowly crushed by the weight of accumulating snow and had to be replaced by a succession of new buildings in 1964. However, it was long used as a store and is still accessible although now under 80ft of snow and badly distorted. The following summer 1956-57, he and his Halley Bay companions assisted in assembling the Trans-Antarctic Expedition's Otter aircraft and later in building the "Shackleton" base, working with his old colleagues Ken Blaiklock, Ralph Lenton and David Stratton, expedition members who were also members of the Survey. While at Halley Bay, he and Douglas Prior flagged out a nine-hole golf course with coffee tins and holes, sastrugi providing the hazards.

From the BAS Club Newsletter No. 3 (Midwinter 1978)

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