Halley 50 Year Celebration - 2006

Saturday 14th - Sunday 15th October 2006
Park Inn, Northampton


A unique event to mark 50 years of Halley, Antarctica.

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Before delivering his talk, George Hemmen made some introductory remarks:
"I am sure that everyone present will join me in expressing our sincere appreciation of all the efforts you and your committee have put into organising this reunion.

I have not wintered but, from the beginning, been responsible for overseeing the provision of all the supplies and other aspects of the logistics of the whole IGYE operation and have made three trips there.

I am delighted to see at the reunion a number of faces to remind me of those long Atlantic voyages of the 1950s - Two from the advance party David Dalgliesh, the leader and David Limbert the Met man. Nine from the main party and one from TAE with whom we shared Magga Dan in 1956/1957 and a couple from the first FIDS team to whom we handed over the first Halley Bay station in January 1959 when we brought the IGY people home."

24 October 2006
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