Halley Bay - 2015


Notable events/features of the year


WelshT.(Tom)Winter Station Leader
ClementsT.(Tom)Mechanical Services Technician/ DWSL
CroftS.(Steve)Static Plant Mechanic
FinchA.(Alex)Electronics Engineer
FlynnK.(Karl)Mobile Plant Mechanic
GoodgerD.(David)Electronics Engineer
LettC.(Celine)Antarctic Atmospheric Scientist
MacNabI.(Ian)Field Assistant
+RobertsM.(Malcolm)Communications Manager
SmithP.(Pete)Electrical Services Technician
TranH.(Hue)Data Manager
+ Deceased


Wintering party
2015 Wintering party
Photo by Pete Smith
Back, left to right:
David Goodger - Karl Flynn - Celine Lett - Natalie Pattyn - Sarah Clark - Tom Clements
Front, left to right:
Steven Croft - Pete Smith - Hue Tran - Tom Welsh - Malcolm Roberts - Ian Macnab - Alexander Finch

Summer photo

2015 Wintering party
Photo by Nick Gillet
Standing, from left - Malcolm Roberts, David Goodger, Steve Croft, Tom Clements, Sarah Clark, Nathalie Pattyn, Alex Finch, Celine Lett, Tom Welsh, Ian MacNab
Front row, from left - Karl Flynn, Pete Smith, Hue Tran

Inside photo

2015 Team
Photo by Pete Smith
The 2015 winter team relaxing in the A module


Photo by Pete Smith
Aurora over Halley VI

Upper Observatory

Upper Observatory
From Celine Lett's blog
'The nicest office on base!!!'

Lego model of Halley VI (in front of the real one)

Lego Model
Photo by Neil Brough

Wall of Fame - photo by Pete Smith

Sun up ceremony - photo by Pete Smith

Old blue module - photo by Sarah Clark

Other information, anecdotes etc.



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