Halley Bay - 1998


Notable events/features of the year

  • First TV correspondent visits Halley, December 1998 - Lawrence McGinty of ITN
  • First woman winter base commander
  • Last visit of the Bransfield; she was replaced by the Ernest Shackleton
  • Polarstern visits Halley, February 1998


AuldV.J.(Vicky) WBC, Meteorologist
CousensP.W.(Paul) Plumber
DoughtyM.(Mark 'MADO') Chef
EarleD.N.(David 'Gretchen')Radio operator
FoxJ.W.(Jim) Electronics Engineer
JenningsJ.J.(John) Diesel mechanic
MaxfieldD.J.(David 'DJMAX') Electronics Engineer
O'RourkeK.I.(Kevin) Electronics Engineer
PaleyM.T.(Matt) Physicist
PicklesM.J.R.(Matt)Tractor mechanic
RoutledgeD.C.(Dave) GA
StrachanP.J.(John 'The Count')Steel Erector
WoodroffeA.M.(Adrian)Electronics engineer


Base photo:
Halley Bay base photo, 1998
Back row: S. Leighton, V. Auld, K. Shorey, K. O'Rourke, A. Woodroffe(at back), M. Paley, D. Routledge, P.J. Strachen, P. Cousens.
Front row: J. Fox, D. Earle, J. Bedford, D. Maxfield, M. Doughty, J. Jennings, M. Pickles.
Photograph supplied by David Maxfield
Taken early in the winter. For another, taken later in the winter, click here.

Bransfield on her way to Halley
Bransfield on her way to HalleyPicture by Steve Marshall

Handling fuel drums
Loading fuel drums onto a BAS cargo sledgePicture by Kevin O'Rourke

Moon over Halley5
Moon over Halley5Picture by Matt Paley

Movement of the tunnel by Jim Fox

Oral History Recording

Vicky Auld

Other information, anecdotes etc.

Jim Fox asks:
Anyone know where bar quote books of the past have ended up? [12/05/2002]
Good question; they were hilarious at the time, but probably wouldn't be so funny now - Andy.

Paddy Mead says:

I spent approx six months at Cambridge working in the garage, then went to Halley on the Bransfield which left from Grimsby 18/10/97. Other fids were Matt Paley, Mark Doughty, Adrian Woodruffe, John Jennings, Jim Fox, Karen Shorey, Kevin O'Rourke and GA Dangerous Dave. Great experience! [02/10/2003]
The "BAS Micro"


Summer 1997-98

LawrenceS.J.(Stuart)Captain, Bransfield
MeadA.P.(Adrian 'Paddy')Tractor mechanic
MurrayJ.W.(Jason)Steel erector

Stephen McKenzie: "My main job was to fit the new kitchen." [23 January 2006]

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