The Halley-4 bar; visits to Z3 & Z2


Dale Heaton, builder; 1985-1986

With the help of the other builder and some of the other FIDS I renovated the Bar at Halley 4 in 1985 and I inlaid the Brass Antarctic continent into the Mahogany top.

Keith Christie, the Genny Mech turned a great beer pump on the lathe out of mahogany and brass to operate the cask ale. It looked better than it operated!!

The wood for the bar had been sent down at relief '84 in 9 X 1 planks and I had to glue it together. I took the Brass inlaid Antarctic continent from the Bar at Halley 3 on one of the many visits to the base.

At that time the Halley 3 generators still worked to give us light. We even found Halley 2 after some searching to find the hatch, and the generators from Halley 3 still powered some of the lights to Halley 2. We were surprised to see the white piano in the lounge and the Lansing Snow plane still in the garage with a steel beam crushing it.

We also found some long lengths of 3" brass bar that we brought back to base that kept us going in presents for quite a while afterwards. Hard to believe it was 20 yrs ago!!

[23 April 2005]

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18 June 2005
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