Halley Bay - 1982


Notable events/features of the year

  • Average horizontal movement of the base since 1972: 750m per year


NieuwenhuijsG.K.(Gijs 'Hash')BC
+BrookesA.J.(Andy)GA, Tractors
HalliwellR.J.(Roland 'Roxy')Ionosphericist
JenkinsP.J.(Pete 'Mekon')Geophysicist
JonesI.R.(Ian 'CS')Met, Physicist
LiddleM.(Malcolm 'Slasher')Builder
ThompsonB.R.(Brian)Met, Physicist
UzzamanD.(David 'Flan')Meteorologist
WilliamsS.D.(Stephen 'Wombat')Communications manager
WrightK.H.(Keith 'Tizer')Ionosphericist
+ Deceased


Base photo:
Halley Bay base photo, 1982
Clockwise from Top: D Try - R Halliwell - R Parker - S Eadie - I Jones - M Smith - B Bowler - M Liddle - B Thomson - D Carrivick - R Bramwell - S Williams - P Jenkins - G Nieuwenhuijs - D Uzzaman - J Rouse - K Wright - A Hill
Picture supplied by Tony Jackson

Base photo (another version):

Halley Bay base photo, 1981
Top left (skiers): Pete Jenkins, Brian Thompson, Dave Carrivick
Standing behind boat: Mike Smith, Steve Eadie, Keith Wright, Roland Halliwell
In boat: Ian Jones, Bob Bowler, Andy Hill, Richard Parker, Steve Williams, Rusty Bramwell, Mal Liddle.
In front: Dave Try, Hash Nieuwenhuijs
Picture by Julian Rouse
About the boat, Julian says: "The boat was BAS supplied and for ice rescue; there was even an outboard engine for it somewhere. We were not convinced of its possible effectiveness as a rescue vehicle."

More pictures by Julian Rouse

Andy Brookes riding a Bomabardier skidoo in the Hinge Zone. November 1982:

Picture by Ian Jones
Ian says: "Andy led our field party of 4 on this field trip. We made it through two of the chasms of the Hinge Zone before turning back to base."

More pictures by Ian Jones

Other information, anecdotes etc.

The Signpost refurbished Pete Jenkins


Summer 1981-82

LawrenceS.J.(Stuart)Captain, Bransfield
+LimbertD.W.S.(David)HQ Chief Met
+ Deceased

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